Not a Happy Chap

I took this on a family trip to Herefordshire. My little nephew just a bit miffed that he couldn’t buy some pop with his pocket money (spend it on something better we said!). But this type of shot for me has just as much resonance as those portrait edits that just cut to the happier side of life…

Photographers I Love: Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

Managed to get to see a retrospective of all Phillip-Lorca diCorci’s major work at The Hepworth. Brilliant. How to choose and show a truly superb body of work. The image above belongs to Hustlers (1990-1992). Taken just over twenty years ago in Los Angeles in the vicinity of Santa Monica Boulevard, it features male prostitutes posing for the camera for a fee loosely equivalent to what they would charge for their services. DiCorcia paid the subjects and then advertised the price on the exhibition prints themselves. A sensitive subject but one well approached by DiCorcia.

Chalk Not Cheesy

Loving taking pics of the back lane kids. The light pours low over the walls and the cheeky chalk is now out afresh. A few stern looks from some the neighbours, but we don’t care…!

Overgate Hospice

Check out all of the runners in the Overgate Hospice. Wonderful to see people pulling together for charity. For those who gave me the ‘thumbs up’ on the way past, thank you! All the pictures are now in The Shop.

Photographers I Love: Alain LaBolie

Alain LaBoile

I came across this photographer on the Lens Culture web site. Wow. Beautiful. Every single image just conveys such a sense of richness, tenderness and a touch of a natural chaos – which certainly runs through our day to day life as a family. Alain says, “Though my work is deeply personal, it is also accessible, addressing human nature and allowing the viewer to enter my world and reflect on their own childhoods.” I just love the inclusion of the sticky hands, cats in cupboards and tears. See more of Alain’s work here.

Alain LaBolie   Alain Laboile 3   Alain Laboile 4