Panini Portraits

I just had to post these…something about them that’s so refreshing; if not perplexing. More to come on this…Who needs worthy.

Photographers I Love: Tim Walker

Tim Walker is one of the world’s leading photographers but his work spreads outside of the genre of fashion for which he is regularly boxed into. If fashion is the art of displaying an aspiration, idea or style then Tim Walker’s work not only invokes that but draws you into a dreamscape of ideas for you to play in. Rather than just provide a flagpole to which the colours and style of the flag is put there is a narrative which is meant for the viewer and so you end up being pulled in and then dance around that flagpole yourself. Wonderfully allegorical, it’s a bit like being pulled into a another world al a Alice in Wonderland and to then being asked to try and make sense of the world which you are now in with faces you recognise. Good portraiture provides you with something to connect you with the sitter; it says something about their character albeit at a metaphorical distance. Brilliant portraiture does that but allows you in and you feel like you enter the sitters mind. It is a narrative, an intimate conversation between viewer and viewed. Enter the imagery of Tim Walker.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-28-at-12.46_b Screen-Shot-2015-02-28-at-12.46 Screen-Shot-2015-02-28-at-12.47_b John Cleese by Tim Walker

Prize Winning Portraits

Taylor Wessing winner 2014

Here are the results of this year’s Taylor Wessing Portrait prize. Where has the year gone! I entered last year and felt was close to that last 60 places and now the winners of this year are announced. The more I look at the winner the more I like it. Not usual and very intense, moody lighting. It looks like a painting; a piece of art that has been carefully composed and thought out. Caravaggio painted the everyday scene back in the 16th Century; his baroque style quite inspirational and wway ahead of his time; more food for thought for my work…Here are the runners up to the Taylor Wessing and my entry of ‘Phil, The Woodman’ from last year..

Taylor Wessing runner up 2014 Taylor Wessing runner up 2014 Phil, The Woodman. Taylor Wessing 2013.

Ready for a Turkish adventure

Spinner, Turkey

All the kit and a bag full of exotic flavoursome ideas abound for Turkey. I took this in 2012 and, although it was a little touristy, it brings back the whole trip. She wasn’t getting married, though. That’s Claire & Jock’s turn who have invited me to snap their wedding adventure. All aboard!!!

Chalk Not Cheesy

Loving taking pics of the back lane kids. The light pours low over the walls and the cheeky chalk is now out afresh. A few stern looks from some the neighbours, but we don’t care…!